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暮色雙城(City of Day & Night)

When day and night turn around, the two cities will face off immediately!

When the power of the "hourglass of time" covers every corner of the continent, all life enters the twin worlds where fate rotates—the arrival of the city of light and night, the reversal and restart of fate, and the story of City of day & night begins.

이모탈 소울(Immortal Soul)

Let's hunt, with the legendary soul as a weapon

The legendary soul is an immortal existence, and each race can awaken different legendary souls and control them to fight; according to the characteristics of different souls, some souls awaken into a pair of wings, and some souls can even awaken into human forms...

엑자일: 어벤징 파이어(Exile: Avenging Fire)

With the wrath of the Exiles, we are Avengers!

Sacrifice every thing to ignite the flame of anger --- Only in this way can our enemies and resentment be burned to ashes!

超爆三國志(Boom of Three Kingdoms)

Three kingdoms you have NEVER imagine before!

There are a lot of welfare for you - 1000 FREE draws, one hundred thousand gold ingots! The famous actress, Lin Xinru, appears as the Phoenix and finally unify Three Kingdoms!

聖鑰(Key of Deity)

The sacred keys will unlock ANOTHER YOU!

In endless chaos and darkness, human race stole the six "sacred keys" to awaken the great power, just as they stole the fire thousands of years ago.